Dog walking

I provide a personalised service for dog owners who may be at work during the day or have other commitments. Dog walks are a great way to break up the day and allow your dog to stretch their legs and relieve themselves; as well as being a really fun treat and providing plenty of exercise and socialisation.

I walk all dogs either one-on-one or in small (same family) groups. Although I am insured to walk 6 dogs at a time I prefer to limit group sizes to ensure control and safety, as well as plenty of interaction whilst exercising and socialising your dog. As my walks are all one-to-one, it's up to you (and your dog!) what kind of walk we do each day; whether it's a training walk, a half hour run/canicross, a play date (with my little dog - Arthur), an intensive ball throwing session or just a leisurely stroll - the choice is yours. If you would like your dog to be socialised during their walk then my own little terrier Arthur is always on hand to join the walk if you would like. Your dog will be walked in a suitable location close to your home; depending on their needs and distance from dog walking locations such as woods, parks and reservoirs. When driving to a walking location, your dog will be transported in the comfort and safety of my air-conditioned SUV. My car is not sign written so your pets can be collected and transported discreetly without advertising that your property may be empty. I always keep travelling time to a minimum (especially during the summer months) and the walking time does not begin until we reach our chosen destination. I walk new dogs on an extendable lead for the first few walks. After that, if your dog responds well to recall they can be allowed off the lead with your permission, in dog safe areas. I am happy to conduct any training during the walk, so if there is anything in particular that you would like me to work on with your dog then let me know. I conduct all training using positive reinforcement of treats, toys, and praise. After the walk your dog will be returned to your home towel dried and their water/food topped up if required.

All dogs must be microchipped and wearing an ID tag with the owner's surname, address and contact number as this is a legal requirement. I provide treats, toys, towels and biodegradable poo bags as well as collars, leads and harnesses where needed. I always carry a dog first aid kit with me and every dog in my care will be wearing a personalised collar or ID tag with my contact details on and a clip-on safety light when it's dark or foggy out.

Dog walks are available on weekdays between 9am and 6pm. Occasional/one-off walks may be available at weekends/bank holidays with advance notice (additional charges may apply).

Puppy visits / walks


Leaving young puppies at home for the first time can be worrying for both you and your dog - I can offer support during this important time. Puppies need extra love and care and they will benefit from one or two visits to break up their day and help with housetraining. Many common behavioural problems such as chewing and digging are the result of boredom and insufficient exercise, so one or two ohmydog! puppy visits a day can help with this.


Each visit lasts for 30 minutes and gives your puppy chance to have a play, be fed/watered and get some much appreciated attention. All puppy visits include a let out trip to your garden and/or a short on-lead puppy walk depending on your dog's age and requirements.

Let out service

This service is available weekdays from 9am - 6pm and is aimed at dogs who just need a short visit to be let out for a toilet break and have their food/water checked (and a fuss of course!). Let out visits may also be useful if you have a dog who needs medication administering, which I am happy to carry out. Home visits last up to 30 minutes and there are no additional charges for extra pets.


Cat sitting and small animal visits

If you would like the peace of mind that your cats or small animals are receiving care and attention whilst you are away as well as the added bonus of extra home security then I would be happy to help.

We all know that cats are real home-bodies so one or two visits per day will allow your cats to stay in the comfort of your own home, enjoying familiar surroundings and favourite cat nap places. As well as feeding & cleaning duties, I can play with and cuddle your cat, and also administer any medication they may require. All pet visits include feeding, water checks, changing litter trays or cages, and plenty of play and cuddles. While I’m at the property I can also move your post, put bins out and water plants if needed, as well as take any extra security measures such as opening and closing curtains or alternating lights left on.

Cat and small animal visits are available 7 days a week, between 9am and 6pm. Each visit lasts up to 30 minutes and there are no additional charges for extra pets.